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Axne and Urbandale State Rep. John Forbes addressed concerns about the recently passed American Rescue Plan and dispelled misconceptions about upcoming infrastructure legislation. The lone Democratic member of Iowa’s federal delegation, Axne highlighted the economic importance of passing President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, noting that she has a “long way to go” to convince her Republican colleagues that the bill deserves their vote. “My colleagues have a different view of what infrastructure looks like. My view of it is what today’s families are dealing with. Back in the day, infrastructure was your farm or your home and road to town. That was infrastructure. Then it was factories, industrialization and the highway. Today it is broadband, childcare. And to think anything else is honestly incredibly shortsighted and really not very well thought out,” Axne said. “It’s no different for a family trying to get to work to have somebody to take care of their child … it’s the same as a bridge or a road that’s down. So the fact that my published here colleagues still don’t see these two as the same is shocking to me.” During the call, Axne clearly defined her belief in the Democratic, “modern” definition of infrastructure as linked to job creation—a stark contrast from her Republican counterparts’ objection to the spending in the bill. Axne explained the legislation as a “jobs bill” after an Iowan named Carla asked why “we’re focusing on infrastructure right now when so many people need actual money to get through this because of the inflation and everything else the pandemic is causing.” “Carla, one of the reasons that we’re putting this big jobs bill in place, or infrastructure bill, is because it will do exactly that—create jobs,” she said. “When I talked to Secretary Buttigieg the other day … 70% of the jobs that are being created through the bill will be for high school educated folks so that that they can learn a great trade, have opportunity for future job growth, and be automatically working in a high-paying, good job. So what this is going to do is put money in people’s pockets.” Axne noted that the improvement of Iowa infrastructure is also needed for safety reasons. “This is how we get our economy back up and running. We make sure that we build things for this country that are in dire need. Like the 500 bridges that are in derelict shape here in Iowa. We have some of the worst bridges in the country and they’re actually really unsafe.” A few questions from the callers were concerned about Iowa’s misuse of COVID money from these major pieces of legislation, especially after last year, when Gov.

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Consider a different report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for a clue. That report’s title, “Our Common Purpose,” is as bland as its subtitle is revealing: “Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century.” (There’s another “re-” word.) In 2020, the Academy formed a commission to produce the study, with Harvard professor Danielle Allen serving as co-chairwoman and as the project’s public face. Allen happens to be the lead author of the Roadmap, too. The report’s opening makes clear the authors’ stance on American government, as devised in former times. In the face of globalization, polarization, climate change, and digital media, all of which make people nervous and alienated, our constitutional democracy “feels to many increasingly unresponsive, nonadaptive, and even antiquated.” Note the specific problem: our “constitutional democracy” itself, its obsolescence. The authors don’t single out dismissive politicians, a corrupt media, tax rates, inadequate welfare programs, or any other particular initiative that fails the citizenry. They highlight the system: the structures and rules of governance. The situation calls for radical change, for a “reinvention” of American democracy. That’s a tall order, to be sure—do the authors really believe that they are the equals of Madison and Hamilton?—but fortunately, they have a role model: the “refoundings” from the past, which the document explicitly invokes. The authors label the Reconstruction programs the first refounding and the Civil Rights Movement the second, and they call for a third refounding, one that will entail (among other things) “the reinvention of federal structures.” What does “reinvention” mean? The report recommends the addition of 50 seats, to start, in the House of Representatives; 18-year term limits for Supreme Court justices; the implementation of ranked-choice voting; the pre-registration of 16- and 17-year-olds; and 31 more reforms. The ambition is stunning; the principal beneficiary will be the Democratic Party. Such proposals rest upon a broad disregard of custom and tradition. Someone raised on the greatness of the Founders will generally be disinclined to radical, structural, systemic change. He may want bigots out of office, he may not like the concentration of power in D.C., and he may be uncomfortable with the influence of money in politics; but he won’t want to tinker with voting rules and the obligations of citizenship. But someone taught in Civics 101 that the Founders worked to uphold white supremacy will likely want to leave all these old sins behind. The purpose of the Roadmap, then, is to prepare young Americans for another refounding. Professor Allen and her colleagues say so. The Roadmap has a softer touch than the Academy report, to be sure, but that’s because it has a softer job to do. While the Academy offers policy proposals, the Roadmap presents a multiyear curriculum that will persuade teenagers that those policies are fitting and necessary. The Roadmap treats the American past; “Our Common Purpose” crafts an American future.