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"Twenty-five percent of the cost of a home in the state of Florida is regulatory fees," she said. "It's a big deal." Other fees include the cost obtaining building permits and utility connections among others. "There's a tipping point to how high you can raise regulatory fees," she said. "Right now, the average new home here is $350,000. When you raise the cost of building a new home, you're not just hurting newcomers, you're also hurting our kids who won't be able to buy a home." Other factors contributing to the rising costs for builders include a jump prices for building materials as well as labor.  Bruce Moia, chair of the government affairs committee for the Home Builders & Contractors Association of Brevard in Melbourne, said the state's new impact fee bill helps keep home prices more affordable. "All increases in impact fees are passed on to the home buyer," he said. "We want to keep homes affordable. We were definitely in support of some limitation" on how much counties and cities could raise impact fees. "If there needs to be increases, that's fine. But the increases need to be within reason." Some cities charge impact fees of their own either on top of or in place of county fees. In Volusia County, builders in Daytona Beach pay more than $14,000 in total city and county impact fees, while in Deltona they pay a total of more than $17,000, according to a chart provided by the county. RED-HOT MARKET: Growing demand for homes in Polk County leads to housing learn more here shortage Builder: we're paying more than our fair share Rick Daniels, chief construction manager for Vanacore Homes in Ormond Beach, said the total cost in regulatory fees including impact fees and permits, is roughly $17,500 for each new home his company builds at its Halifax Plantation master-planned community in north Volusia County. "The idea that developers and builders don't pay their fair share is so much a lie, it's not funny," said Daniels, who served as chairman of the Volusia Building Industry Association last year. "A developer pays, first-off, a development fee, then we have to turn around and put in all the roads and sidewalks and utility lines, all out of our pocket. We're paying Volusia County a road impact fee even though the roads at Halifax Plantation will never be widened and we're paying a school impact fee even though there probably aren't even a dozen kids who click here for more go to school out of the 1,900 homes here." Daniels said it isn't fair to ask developers and builders to pay the lion's share for new roads and infrastructure improvements. "Go back before 1986, we didn't have impact fees in Volusia County," he said. "That means 72% of the existing homes in Volusia never paid an impact fee for roads or schools." Motsinger of the Tampa Bay Builders Association said she believes local governments should use ad valorem tax revenues to help pay for roads, schools and water improvements.  "Ad valorem taxes are the biggest chunk of revenue that local governments collect," she said. "It can't be 100% impact fees." Russ Owen, the mayor of New Smyrna Beach in southeast Volusia County, said impact fees were "a major election issue" among voters in Volusia both in the 2018 and 2020 elections. Many were angered by news that Volusia County had not increased impact fees in  15 years  prior to 2018. That period included three years immediately following the Great Recession where impact fees were temporarily suspended .


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Trimont crop consultant Stephan Melson, left, and Odin farmer Tom Peterson load a planter with corn seed near Butterfield, in southwestern Minnesota, in late April. It’s dry. There’s no standing water. Now, if we can get some rain, that would help.” Peterson has been experimenting with cover crops like legumes and brassica for five or six years, he said – with mixed results. One year, he had an airplane drop seed onto standing corn; without much rain after that, though, only about 20 percent of the seed germinated. “You are seeing a lot more of these cover crops,” Peterson said. “Five years ago, you hardly saw any. The challenge, though, for that (farmer) on a corn and soybean rotation is getting a cover crop planted early enough in the fall. There’s not a lot of time.” Suzanne Rhees, special projects coordinator for the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources and an author of the vegetative cover report, is familiar with that complaint. “One of the obstacles we hear about is the climate here and that narrow window for planting,” she said. “You see more cover crops in southwestern Minnesota than in the north.” While Peterson’s airplane drop might not have worked, he was on the right track. “You are seeing more progress in that inter-seeding – that planting in rows before the harvest of the other crop,” Rhees said. Tom Gile, resource conservation section manager for the water and soil panel, said the lack of an immediate payoff can also create some resistance to cover crops. When a farmer fixes a gully, he said, that repair is evident. Cover crops could help farmers, too, especially in reducing their “input” costs, such as for fertilizer and pesticides – but only down the road. “It’s a cost investment,” Gile said. “It’s about a direct investment in soil health and about increasing efficiencies and reducing operational costs. But there’s no instant gratification; rather, it’s a multiyear building of things.” That’s how Matt Tentis sees it. He and his brother, Seth, run a beef and crop farm near Kellogg , in southeastern Minnesota, that has been in their family for generations. They have been experimenting with cover crops and other soil-health strategies since 2016.